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Top 5 Tips For Traveling While Pregnant

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Listen Up Mama’s!!

If you’re generally well and feeling up to it, traveling during your pregnancy is not a time to be missed. And with a little advanced planning and assistance, it can really be a fantastic experience.

Luckily for all of us… I don’t mind doing the legwork to bring you guys some useful tips 😉.

But before we get into it…it is first and of utmost importance to clear your trip in advance with your doctor, especially if you are in your third trimester or if your pregnancy is considered high risk. Also...check with your airline to see if there are any timeline restrictions. Most airlines will allow you to fly up to 36 weeks pregnant, while some don’t have any restrictions at all.

(1) Pregnancy (at least in the US) is considered a disability, and there is no shame in using all available resources for people who qualify. Yes, that means wheelchair access at all touch points round trip!! IDC what anyone says…for most of us, it’ll be the last time we get to travel for a long time… Make It Count!!!. Register and sign up for any and all special assistance accommodations that are available to you at the airport. We’re uncomfortable enough as it is carrying around a whole human in our wombs…why not make travel as easy and seamless as possible. When I tell you… it’s the best travel experience you’ll ever have (outside of flying private I’m sure *speaking it into existence*). From check-in to immigration, you’re taken right to the front of any line with assistance from an airport employee. The bonus is that anyone traveling with you will be able to tag along.

(2) Don’t be shy about having those extra gadgets that are going to make your flight more enjoyable (butt cushions, pillows, foot hammocks, compression socks, etc…). Keep reading for links below to some fantastic recommendations that made my trip at 32 weeks pregnant all the better!

(3) Stay hydrated and carry water with you at all times. The gworls say you can freeze water and take it with you through security check in at the airport. I tried this on my trip to Playa Del Carmen, MX…it works!! Keep it wrapped in a plastic bag, hand towel or koozi if you have one to avoid condensation and you’re good to go!

(4) Keep all medications in your personal item/purse (anti nausea meds, prenatal vitamins, etc…). You want to make sure these items are easily accessible.

(5) SNACKS...Obviously!!

This is a shortlist for sure, but I'd love for any traveling mamas-to-be to chime in with any additional gems I didn’t mention. Comment below!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Amazon links to some of the items previously mentioned are below:

-Water Bottle Insulator: This was a God-send while getting through security with a frozen 32 oz water bottle!! An absolute must considering the importance of staying hydrated.

-Airplane Foot Hammock: Our bodies are going through so much already, and we should be putting our feet up anyway (amirite!?). I thought this item might be a bit awkward and in the way- but it wasn't at all. I've used it in an aisle and a window seat and it was so conveniently cozy.

-Amazon Two Piece Bathing Suits: There's honestly no better time to wear a two piece. Coming in a wide range of colors, this one here is perfect pre, during and post pregnancy.

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