Happy National Fragrance Day 🎉

Updated: Jul 26

We love a good fragrance here at Urban Ambiance, and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to wish you all a Happy National Fragrance Day.


In connection with the beginning of Spring Equinox, I wanted to share with you a few of my Spring favs that I think you will love as well!

First up is a new favorite- Bal D'Afrique by Byredo. Light but complex, this unisex scent puts you in the mood to put on

something white, crisp and ready to head out for an expensive shopping spree on a sunny day.


Top- African Marigold, Bergamot, Buchu Heart/Middle- Cyclamen, Violet

Base- Moroccan Cedarwood, Vetiver

Feeling a little bougie?….Next is a classic amongst the fragrance gworls. None other than Chanel Chance EDP. From Spring baby showers to champagne brunches...this easy going fragrance will have you ready for all the daytime functions you can think of.

Notes: Jasmine, Pink Pepper and Amber Pachouli

Last but not least is a fun youthful springtime favorite- Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom and Honey. Although not as long lasting as I would personally prefer, this fragrance remains a yummy delight that inspires a more youthful energy.


Top- Cassis Heart/Middle- Acacia Honey

Base- Peach

I'll be enjoying these this season, but would love to hear some of your springtime favs. Let's connect on socials or the comments below! Until next time...


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