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Denver- Modern Industrial Ambiance

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

When I think about region’s in the United States, the ones that tend to come to mind the easiest are East Coast, West Coast…maybe even the Midwest. Rocky Mountain is almost forgotten about…or at least way under the radar (No?…just me?…ok!)

Visiting Denver is my first Rocky Mountain region experience, and I have to say…I was pleasantly surprised. To sum it up in a sweet little package, Denver is a modern industrial city that heavily emphasizes the arts- which is made evident by all of the beautiful murals around the city.

My Denver takeaway is below:

1: Happy Hour Is King, making Denver an easy place to socialize.

2: Love a good sexy rooftop situation? 54 Thirty at the AC Marriott hotel is where you can catch those vibes for sure! It's got an absolutely gorgeous view of downtown and beautifully covered outdoor seating with fire pits. Access is granted on a first come-first served basis and then a waitlist once capacity is reached.

3: MEN WITH BEARDS!!!! HONAYYY… If you’re into men with beards- Denver is the place for you!! I’ve never seen so many men in one place with full, luscious, well kept beards in my life!! My husband would have been in good company 😊.

4: People were super friendly! I mean…picture a tour guide offering to take you and your friends pictures after finishing with their group walking tour…and you weren’t even a part of their tour, (true story...see pic taken by that friendly tour guide at Union Station below)!

5: Beautiful Mountain Views! As someone who’s lived in and around city landscapes all her life, the snow capped mountains could be described as none other than majestic.

6: And last but not least- no need to dress extra fancy…casual attire is accepted just about everywhere.

To add a little bonus... the 16th Street MallRide Shuttle is #Free99 and can take you up and down the downtown area every day of the week!

Distilleries (or dispensaries if that suits your fancy) are the name of the game in Denver, and Rising Sun Distillery was the best deal in town during our visit. This small batch distillery makes 11 products right now (more prior to the pani ((pandemic)) including vodka, whisky, rye and liqueurs. Small group tours and tastings are available for an entrance fee of $10 per person, and you get to taste everything- which is a fantastic deal!! Furthermore... the entrance fee can be applied towards any purchases. I personally walked away with a bottle of Colorado Chile Liqueur, which made for some fabulous spicy margaritas when I returned home!!

On a final note... a total "must do" if venturing out to Denver is a visit to Red Rocks Amphitheater! You know how most cities have that one thing that makes it uniquely them? Red Rocks Amphitheater is what does it for Denver!

I know I know- the amphitheater is technically in Morrison, CO (about 10 miles outside of Denver). IDC… I’m claiming it for my Denver experience and I said what I said!

The rock structures, the fresher than fresh air, the scenery UGH…if Rocky Mountain were a vibe, a specific location, a person- it would be Red Rocks Amphitheater!! Just - Gorgeous!

There's a ton of other things and places to visit that we didn't have time to cover. Let me know in the comments below what we should get into on our next visit, cause we'll definitely be back!

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